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kancho Shahzada Saleem

Black Belt 8th Dan (Master)

Founder & World Director

International Shinshidokan-Kai Organization

Kancho Shahzada Saleem Started His Sports Life With Malakhara Malh Wrestling in very early age.

Then started KyokushinKaikan Full Body Contact Karate.

He fought many Districts provincial National Championships and remain Champion

 International Championships,

He remain National Champion,

He remain in Kyokushinkaikan Style 18 Years.

In the Year of 1999 He changed his Karate Style into Shidokan (Full Body Contact ,Grappling & Thai Boxing) under the command of Most Honourable Kancho Yoshiji Soeno.

Where he Participated many International level Tournaments.

In 1994 he Participated In World Full Body Contact Open Karate tournament Istanbul Turkey, Which Organized by Kancho Fikret Founder Of World Budo Federation. 

Where he got 3rd Position in World Tournament Istanbul Turkey.

In 2012 he Joined Japanese Cultural Sports Sumo Wrestling ( International Sumo Federation IFS Now Recognized with IOC) Under the Command of

Honourable Mr. Hadieo Toshi Tanaka.


The Mr. Hadio Toshi Tanaka made him Branch President of Pakistan Sumo Federation.

He & his good Fighters Participated in many World Sumo championships in Hong Kong & Japan.

After Long time of his sports life , He made his New Sports Now Called International Shinshidokan-Kai Organization.

The Shinshidokan-Kai is the Combination of Multiple Sports Like Malakhra Malh wrestling Full body contact & Semi Contact Sports Karate and Sumo wrestling, Now called The Shinshidokan

(International Shinshidokan-Kai Organization).

He weared Black Belt 8th Dan Degree with the Great hands of Kancho Yasuda Narushima ( Founder of Yasuda Samurai Kyokushin Organization at Japan. 

On same day Kancho Shahzada Saleem went to Stone Memories of Mass Oyama @ Mitsumine Mountain Chichi bu Saitama_Ken Japan, Where Kancho Performed Tensho Kata & Tribute to Sosai Mass Oyama, and from same date and same place Japan with the help of Allah Pak (GOD) Kancho started his new Style Sports,

(International Shinshidokan-Kai Organization).


Now near about 56 Branch are working Worldwide.

International Shinshidokan-Kai Organization ISO is a very famous Sports in world and many other countrie are Interested to get affiliations from International Shinshidokan-Kai Organization.


The Shinshidokan-Kai is Affiliated with Global Sports Federation.







On National Level also affiliated With

Provincial Sindh (Pakistan) Olympic Association.

Sindh Sports Board (Pakistan).

As many countries are interested and applying for affiliation for their countries from

International Shinshidokan-Kai Organization.

Asia Shinshidokan-Kai Federation.

European Shinshidokan-Kai Federation

Middle East Shinshidokan-Kai Federation and 

African Shinshidokan-Kai Federation.

The International Shinshidokan-Kai Organization keen Interested to apply for affiliation from International Olympic Committee, IOC.



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