Name of this Organization

International Shinshidokan-kai Organization

Multiple Sports Organization

The Shinshidokan-Kai is Combination of Malakhara Malh Wrestling , Full Body Contact , 

Sports Karate Scoring Point System Organization (Short Called ISO)





The International Shinshidokan-Kai Organization was founded in 9th September 2011.

by (Kancho) Shahzada Saleem and Shahzada Kabir Shahanshah with the purpose of uniting

the athletes, coaches, judges and enthusiasts.

(Sport Malakhara Malh is cultural Sports of Province Pakistan)
Malakhara - Malh is 5000 Thousands Years Old Sports, it is play in Province Sindh (Pakistan)

and some Area of India,Russia , Mongolia & African States 

Full Body Contact Karate Sports: Full Body Contact karate Sports played in different styles of

world , specially Japanese karate, but here we changed fully in different way with protection

with head guard , chest guard , hand short gloves or tap with Scoring Point System New way

very beautiful system.

Sports karate:  Sports Karate is scoring Point System which is acceptable in all type of Karate Combat , Martial Arts System , Malakhra Malh Wrestling & Sumo Judo system.

In this Shinshidokan-Kai sport, included different Sports , we included some good techniques

good rule Regulations, then Created A wonderful an Sport The Shindhokan-Kai

Now its new name is The Shinshidokan-Kai (Meaning is Group of Gentlemen )

The concept of Shinshidokan-Kai as a Sport dates back to 2007,

After Shinshidokan-Kai became a popular Sport form in 2000 and Shinshidokan-kai

competitions started gaining popularity. Competitions had little or no scoring or judging

criteria, no way of consistently awarding points to those athlete that were technically and artistically superior, and rules consisted of very little in the way of guidance on what the

judges were and were not looking for.

In 2006, a survey was carried out by Kancho Shahada Saleem to see how

the Shinshidokan-Kai organization felt about shinshidokan-kai Sports becoming an

Olympic Sport; 

In 2019, Shahzada Saleem of the Pakistan began working with Shahzada Kabir Shahanshah

on the International Shinshidokan-kai, and the rules International Shinshidokan-kai was

created transforming Shinshidokan-kai forever from a physical activity performed socially

and for fitness, into to an international Sport and competition.  

Soon, National Federations began forming and competitive teams were Organized.

The 1st Shinshidokan-kai Championships took place in 2011 with just 162 athletes from 13 countries, and arranged many best events in different countries and Pakistan,
International Shinshidokan-kai organization opened his branches over all world , now the International Shinshidokan-kai have 42 branches worldwide ,

International Shinshidokankai is now very famous and popular game of the world ,

many other countries are applying for affiliations,
The international Shinshidokan-kai made his world map now,

In 2014 the (ISO) International Shinshidokan-kai Organization contacted ISFs regarding

the application process, and the road to recognition began. The ISO began aligning itself to

the ISFs & Some International Multiple Sports Federations and IOC criteria, expanding

national federations to 42 with a further 12 in the

application process.

The ISO and the Shinshidokan are synonymous because the two have the same purpose,

that is to promote and popularize Shinshidokan-Kai-Do

Founder and President

Founder & World Director of the ISO Shinshidokan is Kancho Shahzada Saleem

(Black Belt 8th Dan Master) Founder & World Director International Shinshidokan-Kai


Headquarters ("Honbu Dojo")

The Headquarters of the ISO Shinshidokan-Kai is located in Kotri-Jamshoro-Sindh-Pakistan

Contact & WhatsApp 0092-313-3090051 , 0092-333-2428195

Head Office

The Head Office of the ISO Shinshidokan-Kai is located- H-A/1 Al-Shahbaz Colony Behind

New Municipality Kotr City- District Jamshoro- Province Sindh- Country Pakistan 


  1. To contribute to society through the wisdom of ShinShidokan-Kai Karate-Do.

  2. To attain the goal of world peace by promoting international friendship.

Some Changing : With the passage of time this Sports , The Shinshidokan-Kai will Change

the Rules & Regulations. 

Pakistan Branches 

  • Branches:18

  • Total Membership : 400


  • Branches:42

  • Dojos:4,50

  • Total Membership:6,000



                               2nd World Director

                                    Shihan Shahzada Arsalan Memon

                                               (Black Belt 4th Dan)

                                    World Headquarter Secretary General

                                        Senpai Shahzada Kabir Shahanshah

                                                     (Black Belt 1st Dan)

                                        World Headquarter Dojo Operator 

                                      Senpai Saddam Hussain Chandio

                                                (Black Belt 1st Dan)

                                      World Headquarter 2nd Dojo Opretor






                                                     Mr. Azhar Ali Malah

                                                     (Black Belt 1st Dan)

                                        World Headquarter Media Coordinator 




                                                  Senpai Wahaj Khan

                                                  (Black Belt 1st Dan)

                                     World Headquarter Event Coordinator 


                                    Sanpai Shahzada Salman @ Tabeer Hussain

                                                            (Black Belt 1st Dan)

                             World Headquarter Event Management Manager 





                                                 Senpai Zeshan Abbasi

                                                    (Black Belt 1st Dan)

                                           World Headquarter Managemen




                                                    Zeshan Jozaf Sonoo

                                                    (Black Belt 1st Dan)

World Headquarter Office Secretary  

Mr. Muddasir Ali 

Black Belt 1st Dan